Friday, 30 April 2010

'The Prince of Darkness is a gentleman.'

Brian Cox is where it's at! from Mark Grossi on Vimeo.

Like a midget wrapped in candy - I'll keep this short but sweet:

This is my entry for a competition titled "What's worth discovering @ Dundee". Now, most of you think that there really isn't much astonishment in Dundee apart from Fat Sams and the methadone queue outside Boots in Lochee on a Monday morning. You'd be mistaken, however, as our squishy, septic, drooling child of a city is the home of Brian Cox!

How you all forgot I'll never know, but a man who loves art, played Zeus and King Lear, played Hannibal Lector, and violated Hugh Jackman with an adamantium skeleton certainly transcends the status of a mere mortal.

The animation was finished over 2 nights and the sound was lovingly assembled and created by the multi talented Duncan "disorderly" Craig.

*Note* I squashed the file size like a grape, so the video and sound quality suffer to a slight degree. If for some reason you want a bigger, shinier version, then just message me and I'll send it out to you.


  1. Quote: "most of you think that there really isn't much astonishment in Dundee (...) you'd be mistaken"

    i remember a 14 years old you, who scribbled in his homework diary the exact contrary: Dundee is the most boring city, even to play basket-ball.

    Now, that was funny Mr Grossi

  2. I don't dispute that Dundee is a boring city.

    The majority of folk are content with call centre jobs, going to Fat Sams at weekends, and spending £50 on haircuts.

    It's important to remember creative people like Brian Cox. He gives those who want something more than nights in front of 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Britain's Got Talent' hope.

    Dundee could easily blossom into a city with much more creativity than people think to offer.

    Unfortunately peoples' mentalities have to change for Dundee to survive as a City with more than 3rd rate footballers, neds, and non independent thinkers.

  3. well agreed werner. but to rebounce on this statement (and forget a bit about the original topic), i personally think that this creativity problem is a worldwide matter.
    ok cities such as berlin, london, ny etc., might have the image of babylonian heaven for creativity and culture. why? because they can 'blossom creativity'.
    in fact, creatiivty is a business, culture is full of $. living in a town like ny opens your mind to creativity, yes, but at what price.

    dundee (capital of fun, fun-dee) among many other small towns, has not that kind of resource capacity. dundee could be this heaven of creation, if ways of doing so were given to it. meaning: if people had a bit more money to give to cultural experience instead of the new lcd flat screen in vogue to watch channel 4; it would change.

    but the sad thing is: it's the business which makes the people want to have talent and get frustrated watching tv, get a football ned mullet hair do. and it's also the business who offers creativity to very selected people.
    to sum up: if you have money, you can get creative, otherwise, you won't be able to see further than your belly full of quivers and ketchup.

    anywho, yes brian cox is cool.