Saturday, 28 May 2011

New texture for 'Ticked Off'.

Things have been a bit quiet on the 4th Year project of late. With Kieran, Finlay and myself all helping out on 4th Year Degree films over the last month, our own project (unintentionally) took a back seat.

Returning to it with fresh eyes allowed us to re-write some of the script and re-think and flesh out more character designs, character background and story changes.

With so many alterations and additions, the overall 'style' began to meander once more. This has given myself a chance to yet again try out a different but similar style.
We were wanting to keep the stylisation of Samurai Jack, Giorgio De Cherico and the Lucas Arts games, but really add a Team Fortress style painterly texture. From the offset, we never wanted 'defined' textures to represent out models; instead gravitating more towards an art style than a construction style.

An afternoon of trial, error and coffee lead me to this finished piece. I see it as a combination of all our ideas from back in January. Hopefully this encompasses all the traits we've been looking for but not looking too chirpy or cartoony nor too grim or graphic novelesque. I've also built and UV'd a simple3D table to stick this texture onto. The boy Finnigan and myself will be testing out lighting, etc on the said table this weekend.

Stay tuned.


Monday, 16 May 2011

Monsters under the bed!!!

I've recently been asked by John Fairfield ( )to design a credit sequence for his 2 minute short, 'Monsters under the bed'.

He wanted a selection of monsters to punctuate each section. I've scanned in my preliminary ideas/sketches and a few final versions (along with the backdrop design). Thankfully my drawing skills are akin to that of a crayon toting, pencil scrawling child champion, so I took to this like a homeless seal to a fish supper.

The animation should be finished around next week at some point.


Thursday, 12 May 2011


I've been rather lax on sketchbook attention of late, so here are a couple of freshly scanned pages.

Loads of updates involving more sketches, texturing and AE work in the next coming week and a half.